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Membership Terms of Agreement - I agree to the following terms of use: Content from the Lab is private within the group. Membership is not to be shared or material disseminated, meaning - I agree not to share my membership with another person, nor copy materials and content from the Lab Library. When sharing work created in the Lab, and/or new discoveries made in the Lab, I agree to credit the original author/dowser(s). The Introductory Dowsing Seminar is a pre-requisite to becoming a member. We reserve the right to end a membership at our discretion. The Dowsing Lab is created to foster personal growth and expansion in the field. It is a high vibrational working space. Enter with the highest intention and integrity for self discovery, development, and congruency of working with others for the highest benefit of everybody concerned. The Lab’s vibration is upheld by its members. Thank you in advance for your participation in endeavoring to maintain and raise the Dowsing Lab’s vibration.